Free Dynamic DNS Service

Azrael is a dynamic DNS service provider. Azrael offers free accounts to anyone. Each account can have up to 25 hosts with dynamically assigned IPv4 addresses. Azrael provides an update API to allow for easy and quick host updates. The API mimics the dyndns2 protocol so that many common DDNS update clients will work with it. It has been known to work with ddclient, DD-WRT, Tomato USB, Open-WRT, Curl, and most other DDNS clients.

Azrael DDNS Update API

API Call: https://{username}:{password}{hostname}&myip={IP Address}

Azrael API Parameters:

username [REQUIRED]
 Your Azrael account username.

password [REQUIRED]
 Your Azrael account password.

hostname [REQUIRED]
 Comma separated list of your Azrael hostnames to update (up to 10 hostnames per request).

myip [Optional]
 The IP v4 Address that your Azrael hostname(s) will be updated to. If no IP Address is specified the Azrael system will attempt to obtain the IP Address.

Azrael API Responses:

 IP Address for specified Hosts have been updated.

 There is no update or change required. (No need to update more than once an hour without an IP change)

 One or more Hosts are invalid.

 More than the maximum of ten Hosts specified.

 IP Address form is invalid.

Azrael API Call Examples:

username: bob
password: 12345

 username: lydia
 password: 987654